Hope Valley maintains IATF16949:2016 and ISO14001:2015 certifications.

As such, we hold all of our employees to high standards in regard to both manufacturing and quality.


Current Hope Valley Certifications:



Quality & Environmental Policy

Hope Valley Industries will service our customers through the on-time delivery of safe, top quality products to customer requirements and applicable legal regulations.

We are committed to establishing goals and objectives, reviewing, operating within and continually improving our quality management system and all our processes through the sum of individual contributions and accountability.


Hope Valley is committed to our corporate responsibility, which entails strict adherence to applicable laws and environmental protection, as well as employee protection. We use this philosophy in the way we run each and every one of our facilities, to ensure public health not only amongst our team but within the community at large.

We are always aware of the environmental impact our operations may incur, and so our commitment goes beyond the satisfaction of accepted efforts. We continuously strive to improve our corporate responsibility methods to stay current and ahead of the industry standard.

Our product design team looks ahead to our methods of manufacture in a way that allows us to minimize the risk associated with the use and disposal of our products. We are always looking to conserve energy, raw materials, reduce waste and emissions, and be a good neighbor within each of the communities we conduct our business in.


In order to achieve the above commitment goals, we regularly assess and measure key performance indicators at plant, business unit and corporate levels. We hold our plant and business operations employees accountable for their corporate responsibility actions.

We also utilize external experts who conduct audits, making sure that we’re adhering not only to governmental, legal and regulatory requirements, but that we’re staying in close accordance with our own standards.

Finally, we provide comprehensive training and tools to our managers and line employees on a variety of environmental topics, as required by regulation.